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MYStartup Accelerator

Four months accelerator programme designed to fund, grow and expand your startup. Selected startups will have access to mentors, corporate partners, programme masterclasses, potential grant opportunities, follow on funding opportunities and cash prizes for finalists. Top 20 startups will be selected for a 4-month accelerator, of which only the Top 5 will qualify for the cash prizes.
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Gain Access To Potential Funding Of Up To RM 1,000,000+ In Grants & Investments

idea stage

Get funded within weeks (RM 50,000) and launch your vision with expert guidance and support.

growth stage

Secure significant investment of up to RM250,000, to fuel your expansion and achieve breakthrough results.


Grow Faster With Our Accelerator Programme

Highly Investable Startups
That Received Up To RM40Mil Funding

In the bustling landscape of technological innovation and entrepreneurial resolve, startups Lapasar and Doople have carved a distinct success curve through unrivaled growth and lucrative investments. Seeing an incredible growth rate – Lapasar by 480x and Doople by 48x – demonstrates these startups' relentless pursuit of progress.

Lapasar and Doople were part of selected startups that were introduced to corporates, getting more than RM5,000,000, along with corporates as customers, partners & investors.

Lapasar has also received additional funding, post-accelerator.
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Post Programme Benefits

Follow On Funding

Chosen startups stand a chance to secure potential funding of up to RM 1 million through our program partner and/or angel investors.

Grant Opportunities

Subject to terms & conditions, eligible startups may receive a potential grant of up to RM 600,000 from Cradle.

Corporate Partner Pilot Opportunities

Selected startups can connect with corporates in the related fields for potential outcomes like acquisition, investments, and digital transformation.

Benefits From Leading Providers

Participants qualify for varied benefits (zendesk, Airtable, AWS, etc.) of up to RM 2,000,000 to scale their startups, with each typically utilizing benefits worth up to RM400,00

Get Investments From Millionaire Entrepreneurs And CEOs Of Large Corporates

The MYStartup Accelerator program is supported by NEXEA's mentors, including ex-entrepreneurs, CEOs, and industry experts, who also serve as Investor-Mentors.

Unlike paid or equity-based mentoring, the programme exclusively accepts investors with the requisite background and net worth to share real experiences and invest in startups they believe in.

Eligibility Criteria

Incorporated In Malaysia

Scalable technology startup business

MVP or Revenue Generating

Looking to expand
regionally or globally

Programme Focused On Your Business - No Boring Lectures & Not Time-Commitment Heavy

Tailored for busy founders, our programme provides expert guidance with just a 2-day/month commitment, requiring less than 10% of founders' time on average.
Registration Period
June 1 - 30
Startup Interviews
July 15 - 19
Orientation Day
August 13
Masterclass & Mentoring Sessions
Aug 14 - Nov 15
Pitching for Investment 
Nov 11
Nov 29

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