Thinesh Kumar

About Thinesh Kumar

Thinesh Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lapasar, a B2B wholesale-tech company based in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to his role in Lapasar, Thinesh founded his first medical device trading company before graduating with a bachelor business degree at KDU University. At the age of 24, he earned his first investment and sold the company to build Lapasar when he was 27. 

Thinesh and Lapasar joined the NEXEA accelerator program in 2017. Recently, with a dynamic and diverse team of 70, Lapasar has raised 7.5mil from NEXEA’s Angel Investors, Family Offices, and Corporate Investors such as shopper360 Limited who led the round. By entering the FMCG wholesale market only in June 2020, the company grew 172% Y-o-Y and above 100x (revenues and valuation) since their first funding round with NEXEA.

His aspiration is to build Lapasar to be the largest online supply chain moving products to customers faster and cheaper. 

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