Enginemailer Worth $10,000/YR Free

Enginemailer is an integrated cloud platform that offers database management, email marketing and transactional email. Its unified features deliver better customer engagement across the entire email marketing and automation spectrum – combining simple yet powerful drag-and-drop interfaces, advanced data analytics and a complete set of integration APIs.

Enginemailer Features

Clean-up and build contacts.

Enginemailer manages and grows a quality email distribution list. Import existing customers, sign up new ones, synchronise and organise them.

  • Intelligent Imports
  • Category Segmentation
  • Automated Email Cleansing
  • Online Forms

Design Engaging Campaigns

Create dynamic, professional newsletters and surveys on our flexible in-built editor. Do it yourself or hire a professional, it is up to you.

  • Drag and drop email editor
  • Ready-made Newsletter Templates
  • Mobile Friendly Newsletter
  • Online Surverys

Send Precise Emails

Deliver effective marketing and automated emails. Send personalised content to the right person, at the right time, in minutes.

  • Email Marketing
  • API Triggered Emails
  • Autoresponders
  • A/B Testing

Monitor And Optimise

Track campaign performance via in-dashboard reports and real-time analytics. Make changes. Take timely action. Win more customers.

  • Intergrated Analytics
  • Delivery Failures
  • Realtime Callbacks
  • Device Engagements

Benefits For Our Startups

Start-ups will enjoy 10,000 emails for free every month, with an unlimited number of emails per day – helping you to better connect with your customers.

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