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Startups will get a chance to work with Corporates via our partnership with NEXEA. Here are some corporates that NEXEA has engaged in the past to work with Startups.

Pilot Opportunities


Our Startups have a chance to work with the corporates that we have partnered with. Potentially win their business as a customer for your Startup.


In some cases, our corporate partners might end up investing in these startups to form long-term partnerships. Apply to get in touch with us, and find out how!


Our Corporates are more open to partnering with Startups as they have programmes and initiatives to work with Startups. Apply now to get in touch with us, and find out how this could work out for your Startup!

Corporates NEXEA engaged in 2021

Looking for Startups in: Automotive, Property, Travel, Lifestyle, Insurtech, SMEs, Health & Any Other Relevant Industries
Looking for Startups in: R&D in Water Products, Distribution of Water, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Innovative Packaging, Environmental Social & Governance (ESG), Social Enterprises, Digitisation, Robotic Process Automation,
& Any Other Relevant Industries
Looking for High Growth Startups in e-commerce and logistics industries. Startups should be experienced in e-commerce, understanding marketplaces, knowledge about FMCG, sales tech, fulfilment tech, agriculture tech and data collection
Looking for Startups in Fintech / Insurtech: specifically Payments and Blockchain. Startups should possess the following technologies: e-commerce, understanding marketplaces, Automation in Reconciliations, End-User Engagement - O2O, Traffic/CRM, Rewards and Gamification, Super Apps, AI Analysis / Machine Learning
Looking for startups in: KEY Industry is (Environment, waste, water) and Secondary (property, hospitality, logistic). Startups must possess the following technologies: AI, energy, big data, IoT, drones and so on

Corporates NEXEA engaged in 2022

Objectives to work with startups: 
-Distribute insurance products with startups (1st Priority) 
-Internal innovation (2nd Priority), business operation related 

Startup Criteria 
-Home/Property related startups, e.g. loans, rental 
-Startups working with SME businesses (Accounting, HR, Business Process-related startups)
-Lifetech and Wealthtech startups - savings, loan 
-R&D in Water Products 
-Distribution of Water
-Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 
-Innovative Packaging 
-Robotic Process Automation

& any other relevant industries/products related to water
-All Sectors 
-All Technologies 
-SaaS Solutions
-Minimum RM 100k monthly revenue 

Corporates NEXEA Has Worked With Before 2021

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