IBM For Startups Worth Up To $120,000


Startup With IBM and accelerate your business.  Get up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits to access services like Cloud, AI, and Blockchain to build leading-edge solutions at scale, and then sell your solution to IBM’s global network or customers, partners, and developers.


Up to $120k of free IBM Cloud services mean cost savings that you can spend elsewhere, such as hiring developers, investing in marketing and acquiring new customers. Credits can be applied to all 130 IBM services including:

  • Watson – Watson can learn from small data sets, protect your insights and help you reimagine workflows to provide AI where and when you need it.
  • IBM Blockchain – Cut out the middleman and improve the time it takes to execute business transactions with IBM Blockchain.
  • Analytics – IBM Analytics helps you make your data simple and accessible. Organize your data into a trusted, business-ready foundation with the built-in protection and compliance controls.
  • Security – IBM Security helps you work with clients to accelerate and assess threats with security innovation that incorporates cognitive, cloud and collaboration.


Connect with enterprise customers, open new markets and distribution channels with promotion in the key markets.

  • Once you have at least one IBM Cloud service integrated into a solution, you are ready to sell with IBM
  • You create your solution listing on IBM Marketplace and gain global exposure to IBM customers and partners.
  • Activate IBM as your sales channel to reach new types of buyers you can’t reach alone.


Consult in-person or virtually with technical experts who will guide you through applying IBM Cloud technology to your ideas and help you migrate from your existing infrastructure or platform.

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