Lee Ting Wei

About Lee Ting Wei

TingWei is an outcome-focused and customer-centric Project Management professional. He has skills in a leading variety of projects and programmes which include process improvement, and, more recently, technology implementation.

He strongly believes that successful transformations happen through a combination of effective Project Management and Change Management. These need to be supported through robust organisational design. These need to be led by strong, focused leaders who empower and encourage the right mindset and behaviours.

Besides project management and agile, TingWei is also trained in Programme Management, Change Management and Design Thinking.

TingWei firmly believes that the demand for project management, agile and design thinking skills are increasing and are essentials for startups and SMEs in achieving sustainable growth.

TingWei has over 6 years of experience in project management across multiple industries such as manufacturing, digital marketing as well as healthcare.

Besides project management and agile, TingWei has taken on projects that utilise change management, organisation development, as well as design thinking. Below are some of his recent roles and assignments.

  • To support organizational transformation in a Public Sector Agency
  • Agile and scrum coach and advisor for a personalised healthcare program.
  • Design and facilitated design thinking workshops to enable self-discovery for problem resolutions.
  • Lead Program Facilitator and Engagement Manager across 5 squads (35 pax) for a multi-million Transformation Program for a European Healthcare company. Accountable for planning and facilitating Program Increments and synchronise agile events across all teams within the program to ensure continuous delivery of work and outcomes
  • Facilitated program and squad level health diagnostics assessments. Provided and acted on realistic, actionable, and timely improvement plans to reinforce changes in the ways of working and culture.
  • Agile coach to guide the respective scrum teams on agile ceremonies, events and artifacts and ensure the scrum teams understand and adopt the agile ways of working. Provide support in change management especially in the aspects of culture and behaviours.
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