Ziwei Low

About Ziwei Low

Ziwei Low is one of the co-founders of ZCOVA, a Malaysia based top online diamond dealer that disrupts the diamond buying process. Known for the brand’s hassle-free and transparent business model, the company’s objective is to create better value for customers when buying diamonds and gemstones jewellery. With this in mind, ZCOVA has helped over 2000+ customers to save MYR 15 mil in 6 short years. 

As the Managing Director of ZCOVA, Ziwei, oversees the finance and marketing department in leading the brand to the right direction as well as making sure short and long term goals are achieved.

Driven to excel in all his endeavours, Ziwei believes strongly in hard work. He spearheaded the family business in chemical trading, after working as an auditor for eight years in E&Y. Heeding his father’s lifelong philosophy of doing business with integrity as well as providing the best value to customers, Ziwei sought to bring his younger brother, Ziyin, home from Beirut to set up ZCOVA providing a service unlike any other in Malaysia.

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